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Before we even get into a Blog about anything linux related or a linux blog it would be good to learn a little about Linux in detail.

A proper introduction to Linux

It is no secret that Linux happens to be a very popular operating system as it renders smooth performance. Linux is not owned by Microsoft it is completely independent. The good news is that this operating system has many different versions. In the early years of the operating system users experienced problems in the installation process and the system also had compatibility problems. The bugs present in the system were removed and thus users enjoyed an enhanced performance; in fact the performance is so good that there are many users who have started using Linux instead of Microsoft.

Linux seems to be a better option since Macs are very expensive; the developers of Linux took the opportunity and made the operating system easily available to the general public. Since Linux was readily available people were no longer compelled to use Mac. The latest versions of Linux can be installed without any problems.

Blog about anything linux related

Now let us look at some of the other aspects mentioned in a Blog about anything linux related

Some important info on Linux

There is no doubt that Linux has been steadily increasing in the last couple of years and has been getting a lot of support from IBM and HP. The Unix platform is used to develop Linux. The operating system has a very powerful performance and is quite user friendly.

Tips for home users

  • Now if you want to utilize this operating system in the house; you do not need to stop using Windows on your computer. You can partition the hard disk and install Linux.
  • To be able to exploit this fantastic operating system you should consult tutorial videos on how you can install it the right way.

Linux is much superior over the others

If you go through any linux blog you will see how many people have stated that they prefer Linux over the other operating systems in the market. Linux is put to good use for hosting websites.

You can experience high level of security

As a user you will experience high level of security by using Linux. You will not experience any threats from deadly viruses and you can feel free to host ecommerce websites.

Installation is not a problem at all

It is time to get rid of the misconception that Linux is very difficult to install in reality it is not. You will have access to a smooth graphical interface to install the operating system on the computer.

So these are the basic guidelines you find in a Blog about anything linux related that will help you understand everything about this operating software.

A useful Blog about anything linux related

Blog about anything linux related or What is Linux

Before we even start learning anything about Blog about anything linux related or What is Linux? We should learn what an operating system is. An operating is nothing but software that acts as a link between the computer’s hardware and the various applications. Some of the popular operating systems are listed below.

  • Linux
  • Android
  • MAC OS
  • Windows

Introduction to Linux

This will help us understand What is Linux? Linux is nothing but a very popular operating system. The best part is that this operating system is independent and it is not a Microsoft product. You will come across many different versions of this operating system and new versions are released very frequently. Initially this operating system was used very frequently by serious computer programmers and users. This was not easy to install and a lot of applications had compatibility issues. Through the years the various bugs in the operating system have been taken care of and many users are now switching over from Microsoft to Linux. Since Macs turned out to be very expensive so Linux turned out to be the next best option for the people. So the Linux developers were quick to realize this and made it readily available to the general public. So people were no longer compelled to go in for expensive options like MAC and Windows. The newer versions of Linux are much easier to install in the computer than Windows.

Additional information on Linux

Linux has been growing steadily over the last few years and has been backed by famous companies like HP and IBM. Linux is developed on the Unix platform. This operating system is very user friendly and packs in a powerful performance.

How should home users use Linux

  • If you wish to use this wonderful operating system you can do so without completely discarding the usage of Windows. You can simply install Linux on a completely different partition.
  • To get the best out of this operating system it is advisable to get tutorial classes on how you can install and use this wonderful operating system.

Linux is far better than other operating systems

Most Linux users have expressed their dislike for Windows without any hesitation, they are able to do only after using Linux for a very longtime for various activities such as web hosting. Since Linux is open sourced it can be tweaked to suit individual needs.

High level of security

There is no doubt that the level of security is far better with this operating system. You will not experience any Virus or blue screen which makes it safe to host ecommerce websites.

The process of installation

Many people are under the impression that Linux is very hard to install but actually it is not. You can use a graphical interface to install this operating software on your computer. However you should install this on a second partition of the hard disk if you are looking for a better performance.

If you go through a Blog about anything linux related you will find these things mentioned there.

What is Linux?

Linux is nothing but an operating system which is currently gaining the highest popularity as it is very much beneficial for all forms of businesses. If you want to know regarding what is Linux, then it is better to refer to the blog about anything Linux related. This kind of blog can be found online and you can access the same by online surfing.

Though there are many operating systems but most of the business concerns choose the concerned system due to higher flexibility. Moreover, this operating system is quite simple and thus can be handled and managed easily without facing any unwanted trouble or inconveniences. It plays multiple roles at the same time and this is one of the major reasons of its popularity.

It takes care about different vital aspects of business concerns like networking, security and disk management, memory management and other related ones. You can find details about all these aspects within the recently posted blog about anything Linux related. This blog has been created by Linux experts and thus you must definitely read the same.

Blog about anything linux related

What are the major benefits of using Linux in business concerns?

What is Linux? This is quite a common question these days and if you come to know the answer, then you will automatically understand the importance of the same in business concerns. There are several benefits that can be gained from this operating system and some of the major ones are as follows:-

  • You can get innumerable software choices and thus you are free to choose the best option that can cater to your purpose or requirement successfully. In this case, texts and images can be easily and conveniently edited without any trouble and thus you can use the same for all business purposes.
  • If you are really concerned about cost, then you must know that this operating system is very much inexpensive. This is how you can save a lot of money of your concern.
  • The usage of the system is quite simple and no complexities are found and thus the business tasks can be easily accomplished.
  • Higher flexibility can be gained by using the same and thus you can make necessary modifications or changes so that your requirements can be effectively fulfilled.
  • Versatile features are found within this system out of which you can freely choose the requisite ones. Some commonest aspects that are involved in this respect are window managers, desktop themes and many more.
  • Advanced security is found within the operating system and thus you can access it conveniently and the administrative tasks can be easily performed. The official dat can be protected and stored in a proper way.

Linux is now getting used in almost all the business concerns as higher security and flexibility can be gained.

Blog about anything linux related: is it necessary?

Blog about anything linux related

Honestly is there a need to Blog about anything linux related? Already so much had been said and explained that there is no need to write this down anymore. Wait no not everything has been said, that is correct, I am here to talk about Linux in a different way.

What is Linux?

If this question lurks in your mind What is Linux, then you have not read it all and most importantly in simple words. Well to be precise it is an operating system that can be found in open source software. Its early sources can be traced back to 1991 and ever since it has been a part of our lives knowingly or knowingly.


It is used for android in smartphones and tablets, mainframe computers, super computers, consoles and video games widely.

Why use Linux?

There are many reasons why developers prefer using Linux which can be cited as:

  • Free software
  • It offers a lot of combination for hosting with other opensource software like MySQL and PHP
  • Linux constantly remains updated as an many people work on it being an opensource OS
  • This indicates that in case of a problem you can post it and get instant solutions to it as well while working on Linux
  • This means it can go on months without crashing unlike other operating systems
  • It is an ideal solution for applications that are network based as it can operate freely via the internet

Advantage of Linux

This brings us to another point of discussion that of the major advantages of using Linux as an operating system. Seems I really have a lot to Blog about anything linux related! Some of the advantages are:

  1. Stability – As it has been already explained that it hardly ever crashes as an operating system, this makes it a stable OS for all platforms
  1. Free OS – Yes it comes for free and there are no additional charges that can be incurred for its time to time installations!
  1. Secured – This is a secured OS as it has system based security features that seldom let it down. Hence the threats against malware attacks, virus, spyware, worms and Trojan is comparatively less with Linux.
  1. Good on old PCs – It is like fresh air for old computers as it can make them faster and help the user play games, work on spreadsheet, create PowerPoint presentations and edit documents.
  1. Keeps the system speedy – That is right installing Linux would mean that a system will not slow down as it hardly crashes. Only remember to keep your computer defragmented if it is an older one regularly as that will speed up the performance.

Although critics say that it cannot run many Windows programs, yet its usability will never weigh it down for sure.

linux-dedicated-serverLinux is a type of operating system, required software on a computer or laptop, in order for it to function according to what it is really supposed to do – opening and editing files, browsing the internet, and so on. It was first released in 1991, and since then, it is being developed collaboratively, meaning, there is no sole company responsible for the entire advancement it is going through up until these days. Did you know that over 1,000 developers are contributing for each kernel that it releases?

Some of the popular devices where Linux is incorporated are the following:

  1. Sony Bravia
  2. Sony Reader
  3. Lenovo Ideapad S9
  4. HP Mini 1000
  5. Yamaha Motif Keyboard
  6. TiVo Digital Video Recorder

… and many more.

Now if you are a website owner seeking for a good dedicated server that will support your system, you might probably ask, “what type of hosting site should I use?” If you are using Linux, it is not really imperative that you use a dedicated server that run the same operating system. Do not worry about compatibity because it is not really an indication or an edge factor. Your website will work no matter what the server’s operating system is, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

Another probable issue is the familiarity. Again, when building your website, the operating system will not be shown on your hosting site. No “start” button if you have chosen a dedicated server that uses Windows. So again, you can freely choose whatever dedicated server you prefer as these operating systems have no ground at all.

What could probably indicate what web hosting package you should use; this depends on what type of programming language you prefer to use. If you are planning to create a website that is for blogging or selling, a Unix-based host will work best on you, as these is easier to use, especially if your website’s going to be straightforward. Same thing goes if you need to incorporate PHP, MySQL database and Perl, as most websites assume that the dedicated server is Unix-based. Now on the other hand, if you plan to add ASP, .NET, or Access, it is ideal to choose Windows based dedicated server.

Choose the right dedicated server not because of the operating system that you use but because of the functionality and user-friendliness that you actually need. With that, you will be guaranteed that you will be achieving the right website that you perfectly need.

A blog about anything Linux related to best distro

Blog about anything linux related

This is open source operating system is gaining a lot of popularity among software engineers with many users are adopting Linux. There are several versions which are also known as Distros that are been used based on the need of the programming. Blog anything Linux related bring some popular distors that are extensively used.

Linux with is performance and stability as attracted lot of attention from the media fraternity with following the development very closely. In fact a lot of web servers are using Linux making it a popular choice among top notch corporate houses and business hubs. IT major Google is one of its users, using a split Linux version.

The most significant use of this open source operating system is in mainframe computers, television, firmware, super computers and many more. The list is endless and there are best Linux distors for Beginners too. These distributions keep on coming out with upgraded versions.

One of the recent uses that have placed Linux in news is that Android, a famous mobile operating system also uses their kernel as Linux. This is one big development that just cannot be overlooked.

What makes a distor most suitable for use?

Blog about anything Linux related to distros points out following features making it suitable and easy to use:

  • Most important aspect is that it should be easy to use and operate
  • Complication will kill the very essence of this operating system
  • Consists of common and out of the box app
  • Should provide a brand new interface

Distors that are in demand are:

Ubuntu is one of the most engaging and easiest to use Linux version. With its intuitive and logical desktop this is a very popular distro along with its powerful search tool. This one takes all the marks and is like a crowed king in the market.

Linux Mint with its standardised approach and borrowing from Ubuntu, this is like an eye-candy version with traditional desktop. This is slowly rising on the popularity chart with a software manager that is too impressive.

Chakra is regarded as the good looking distro with the development still under process.

Linux Deepin a China production is the new entrant in the market but is already making its presence felt. Insiders feel this one is going to rule the industry. High on user-friendly parameter this one is a work of artistic vision.

Best Linux Distro for Beginners

If you are new to the Linux scene, then you might be wondering about the best Linux distribution for you, especially if you came from the OS giant Microsoft Windows. If you came from Windows, chances are you’ll likely to get confused about using the operating system. But before we delve into that, let me explain some of the terms that we’ll be using.

Linux is just the name of the kernel – that is, the center bit of software that connects communication between applications and the hardware. Linux distros or distributions are what we ordinarily depict as operating systems – including the kernel, a desktop domain, utilities, and a default set of programs. So as such, Linux isn’t one single operating system – it’s a kernel used to power a wide range of operating systems. Installing (most) Linux distributions are free, and keep you secure. You’ll continue to receive security updates, and there are only a few viruses out there that can actually harm it because of multiple levels of security.

Now, let’s get to some of the best Linux distros for newbies.

Zorin OS

If you want to begin using Linux but still loves the Windows look, this is the distro for you. This distribution has some expertise in making its desktop look much like Windows as could reasonably be expected. You can even pick between a Windows 7 look and a Windows XP look. The main differences between these two layouts are the start menu layout and taskbar pinning. It uses Ubuntu as its base and it will get the same updates just like other Ubuntu systems.

Linux Mint

This is another popular Linux distribution, which is closely related in the Windows operating system if looks were to be discussed. It’s also based off from Ubuntu, with the goal of removing minor bugs from the main source. Linux Mint is accessible with four separate desktops – Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, and Xfce. The MATE or KDE desktops are most likely more agreeable for Windows users. Like Zorin, you’ll get access to Ubuntu’s security updates and software choice – but you’ll also get a couple of Linux Mint-particular goodies, for example, a unique package manager.

Elementary OS

This is another great OS for newbies and it looks quite like Mac. In addition to that, the clean and beautiful user interface is a great way to start delving into Linux. It’s elegant and beautiful as well as stable and supported.


This is often considered as the most popular free operating system in the face of the planet. This is one of the most supported Linux distro out there and there’s a lot of software available for it. Though it has a different UI, its Unity interface is elegant and beautiful.

What is Linux?

You might have already asked this question several times already and still you didn’t get the correct picture. What in the world is Linux? Basically, Linux is an operating system, just like Windows and Mac, and if you’re reading this right now, you are using either of those three (though you’re unlikely to be using Linux right now). But unlike the other two we just mentioned here, Linux can be obtained free of charge and its open source. And Linux is not a complete operating system by itself; it’s just a kernel and needs additional components to be able to run fully as an operating system.

Brief History of Linux

Linus Torvalds was learning at the University of Helsinki at that time. He was using a version of the UNIX operating system called ‘Minix’. Linus and different users sent requests for alterations and changes to Minix’s maker, Andrew Tanenbaum, however he felt that they weren’t important. That is when Linus chose to make his own particular operating system that would consider users’ remarks and proposals for improvements. The result is the Linux kernel.

We ought to call attention to here that the main point of any operating system is its ‘kernel’. Without going into details, the kernel is the thing that tells the CPU that controls your PC to do what you want the program that you’re using to do. Without a kernel, an operating system doesn’t exist. Without projects, a kernel is pointless.

In 1991, perfect conditions existed that would conceive Linux. Basically, Linus Torvalds had a kernel yet no projects he could call his own, Richard Stallman and GNU had programs yet no working kernel.

Late in 1991, Linus Torvalds had his kernel and a couple of GNU programs wrapped around it so it would function admirably enough to show other individuals what he had done. What’s more that is the thing that he did. The principal individuals to see Linux realized that Linus was on to something. As of right now, however, he required more individuals to help him.

Current State of Linux

Today, Linux is increasingly adopted by users. Many started using and different versions or Distros were released. In addition to that, the stability and performance that Linux has have attracted press attention and as a result, it’s slowly gaining popularities. In addition to that, Linux are being deployed in most web servers, thereby making it a popular operating system for high-end business related companies. Even Google uses a forked version of Linux.

In addition to that, Linux is currently being in super computers, mainframe computers, TV, firmware and more. Plus, one of the most popular mobile operating system, Android also uses Linux as their kernel.

We can see that Linux continues to evolve and gain popularity each year.